Performances May 24

Opening of the festival

Join us to celebrate the opening of the eighth edition of the performance festival Revolve. Doors open at 18.00 and at 18.30 there will be an opening speech with presentation of this year's programme.

  • Time: 18.00-19.00
  • Location: Köttinspektionen



Nazar Rakhmanov - POKROV

A video installation and live performance, where a 2x2 meter cube becomes a mobile hideout moving between cities and nations. A performance work about identity, belonging and nomadism.

  • Time: 19.00-20.00
  • Location: Köttinspektionen
  • Audience: 60
  • Entry: 18.50–19.00

About the artwork

“I have constructed this primitive supreme hermitage
for my primitive unsupreme body
in an attempt to ask myself
what am I beyond the fashion of my body, the gaze of somebody?
to take a piece of this land under my clothes,
arrest it for intimacy on my own terms.”

In May 2020 during lock down, I am constructing Pokrov: a 2x2 meter cube, in which I can walk, wearing it as a garment and mobile shelter. I am wearing it on the streets and surrounding landscape of my native town (Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia).

Revisiting the places that hold memories of my childhood, I am hidden from the surroundings and gazes to contemplate my current identity and belonging to this land, in intimate touch with its soil. The beginning of the war in Ukraine collapsed my ideas of coming back there to live, work and love. From then on, I knew that my future was to become a nomadic European.

Pokrov fled the country of origin; this chapter was filmed in Sakartvelo (Georgia) near the Russian border. What does it mean “to belong” now, here, if you are forcefully displaced by war and a carrier of culture and language of bygone colonizers and current occupants of the land?

This piece wasn’t supposed to become what it had to become and it will hardly be finished. It is a form of contemplation over ever-changing relationships with the body that holds my identity and with the ground on which I stand and to which I belong.

“so, now we are here,
touch the ground
privet, hello, gamarjoba, Ӟечбур and other greetings”

Music and mingling

  • Time: 20.00–23.00
  • Location: Köttinspektionen 

Omrados (foto Joel Berg).jpg

DJ set with Omrados

Omrados will perform a DJ set with some of the songs and genres that are important to him since they open a door to a slightly secret world of new experiences.

“My interest in alternative electronic music started at an early age when my cousin introduced me to artists like The Future Sound Of London. After worked with music production for a while, I moved on to DJing and organizing smaller parties, which later grew into larger events at both established venues and more obscure locations.”