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Sonic Trails: Lockdown

Sonic Trails: Lockdown

Örjan and Max Sandred. Multimedia installation - artificial intelligence.

Local: Uppsala konstmuseum, Vasaborgen.
Opening hours: Saturday–Sunday 11–17. Tuesday–Friday, Pre-book slots.
Entry: Sonic Trails and Vasaborgen, 80 kr. Season ticket and under 26 years free entrance.
Tickets: Pre-book tickets at Tickster.

As the city enters a state of "Lockdown", the urban environment loses its most distinctive element: the human presence. Nonetheless, it would be a mistake to consider the city abandoned. As human activity withdraws, other processes and activities come into focus. Cars pass through empty streets, trees sway in deserted parks, birds roam uninhabited spaces. 

In Sonic Trails: Lockdown, visitors are immersed in various events in the lockdown city occurring regardless of their presence. Using multiple audio-visual samples of these urban phenomena, the installation creates a new place for visitors to inhabit.

Artificial intelligence determine the composition

Artificial intelligence algorithms determine the composition of this environment in a constant process of deconstruction and reconfiguration. Pitches and harmonies are dissected from environmental noises, familiar objects and places are reduced to abstract visuals and spaces, rhythms and motifs are brought to focus. The AI leaves nothing to chance by structuring its actions and interactions, constantly revealing new material and juxtapositions while occasionally bringing back existing themes. In this sense, the installation is a precise musical composition, experienced beyond the realm of sound as synesthetic, audio-visual, spatial experience. 

Sonic Trails ultimately leads us somewhere beyond the samples of the alienating lockdown city. The patient visitor will discover an aesthetic world that is both abstract and palpable, static and active, infinite and intimate, rhythmic and disordered, clear and unclear. The installation generates its musicality by manipulating architectural qualities of sound, light, and space. Music and architecture are not treated as separate entities; rather, the environment of Sonic Trails becomes the musical experience. Ultimately, Sonic Trails: Lockdown attempts to unlock the reciprocity of music and architecture.