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A Posthumous Journey into the Future

The Secret of Kullahuset, one of the most enigmatic works of art from the Swedish 1900s, was created by Sten Eklund in 1971. The work portrays the human endeavour to understand the world we live in. In this exhibition, eight internationally active artists together explore the series. Through narration and fiction, they delve into the cultural and planetary crisis we are currently in the midst of.

Utställningsperiod: 11 februari–11 juni 2023
Entré: 80 kronor
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The series The Secret of Kullahuset, comprising 53 hand-coloured etchings, opened a door to another world, where the logic of our civilization had been inverted. In the exhibition A Posthumous Journey into the Future, eight contemporary artists encounter this series. In video installations, text-based works, objects and prints, the artists let us visit computer-generated places, magnetic zones and dream states. Here, there is room for both sorrow and healing processes - a re-enchantment of the world.

Sten Eklund

Sten Eklund was a visual artist and graphic artist born in Uppsala. Here you can read more about his artistry.

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About the artists

Eight internationally active artists together explore Sten Eklund’s Kullahuset series.

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