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Ängeln och valen. Sara Ekholm Eriksson.

The Angel & The Whales

In the exhibition The Angel & The Whales, you will get to see works by the sculptor Sara Ekholm Eriksson, the Uppsala Municipality's studio grant recipient for 2022 - 2023.

Exhibition period: 9 september–8 october 2023
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About the exhibition

Through sculptures and installations, artist Sara Ekholm Eriksson represents the changing processes and metamorphoses of nature. She sculptures in limestone, a material that once was shaped at the bottom of the sea. Fossils are refined into opals and glass turns into melting ice that drips and creates puddles.

The exhibition is a kind of microcosm, a concentration of the site's geological layers and spiritual worlds. It is situated at the point of tension between two magnitudes or perspectives on the world—the spiritual and the scientific.

In The Angel & the Whale, the story of a whale vertebra is in the centre. When it was found at Gräsö in the 1840s people believed to be a giants’ bone, kept in the Church and a proof that the teaching of the Flood was true. Due to evolutionary science the vertebra has become the type specimen of the grey whale species, also known as a holotype.


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