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Landscaping - mötet mellan människa och natur.


The surrounding landscape is forever changing. Throughout history, man has formed and reformed the environment – forests disappear, urban areas expand into what was open fields, and wilderness is transformed by cultivation. The relationship between man and nature is constantly renegotiated.

Exhibition period: 2 september–26 november
Entry: 80 kronor
Visit the exhibition: Opening hours and practical information.  

About the exhibition

This exhibition focuses on human interaction with nature – and the fact that our relationship to nature is so often about recreating and changing it. The noun landscape has therefore been replaced with the more active word landscaping. Relating to nature is largely about transforming it – through physical intervention or by means of portrayal and interpretation.

In this exhibition, eighteen artists from the 16th century to today contribute their renderings of landscapes and the encounter between man and nature. The emphasis is on Swedish landscapes, especially from Uppland, and from Uppsala and its vicinity, but also other parts of the country. Most of the works are contemporary, but older art is interwoven to give context and to illustrate continuity and changes over the years.

The exhibition is a collaboration between several museums in Uppsala: Uppsala Art Museum, Gustavianum – Uppsala University Museum, Upplandsmuseet and Biotopia.

Artists featured in the exhibition 

Ann Böttcher, Jonas Englund, Sara-Vide Ericson, Johanna Fjaestad, Goldin & Senneby, Ilkka Halso, Peter Johansson, Susanne Johansson, Johanna Karlsson, Bruno Liljefors, Stefan Lindqvist, Elias Martin, Pia Sirén, Olof Thunman, Johan Thurfjell, Tore Wahlström, Carl Herman Wetterwik, Gusten Widerbäck.


Läs en text skriven av utställningens curatorer Daniel Werkmäster och Mikael Ahlund.

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Om konstnärerna

Nitton konstnärskap bidrar med skildringar av landskap och möten mellan människa och natur.

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