Anna Odell – Rekonstruktion – Psyket

The artist Anna Odell uses her own personal history to raise questions about power structures and attitudes to mental illness. Her critically-acclaimed video installation Rekonstruktion – Psyket, transports us to the closed world of the psychiatric clinic, in the borderland between fact and fiction, memory and complex ethical dilemmas.

Exhibition period: March 2, 2024 – April 7, 2024
Vernissage: March 2
Entry: Free entrance
The video installation starts: 11.05 (Swedish subtitles), 12.15 (English subtitles), 13.25 (Swedish subtitles), 14.35 (English subtitles) och 15.45 (Swedish subtitles). Thursdays also 16.55 (English subtitles), 18.05 (Swedish subtitles) och 19.15 (English subtitles)
Sunday April 7: Due to a guided tour, most of the seats are occupied at the video installation which starts at 2.35 pm.
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In autumn 2023, Anna Odell was the artist in residence at the Centre for Medical Humanities (CMH) at Uppsala University. It was here, in this research environment, that the work evolved. The Swedish word “psyket” has a double meaning, as an abbreviation of a “psych ward” and referring to the individual “psyche”. The video installation reconstructs the closed world of psychiatry, with the old mental hospital Ulleråker as its backdrop.

“This work is based partly on my own experiences, since I spent a lot of time as a psychiatric inpatient between the age of 16 and 23. They had diagnosed me with schizophrenia and deemed that I would never return to a normal life”, says Anna Odell.

In association with the Centre for Medical Humanities at Uppsala University. Many thanks Cecilia Hillström Gallery, Kultur och bildning Region Uppsala, The studio association Hospitalet, Alberto Herskovits, Erika Sigvardsdotter, Heba Saleh, Eva Nordmark, Anna Grönlund, Ahmad Adeli, Maria Åling, Stefan Karlsson and Adriana Ramirez.

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