About the artists

Oda Brekke (NO/SE)

Oda Brekke is a dance artist based in Stockholm. She is active internationally as a choreographer, performer and writer. Her works have been presented at MDT- Moderna dansteatern, Weld and Fylkingen, Stockholm, Museum of contemporary art in Zagreb and Bergen Kött. She is curious about spaces where one can linger and interested in methods that complicate linear narratives and instrumentalizing approaches.

Stina Ehn (SE)

Stina Ehn works as a dancer and choreographer in Sweden and internationally. Her choreographic work has been presented at Weld in Stockholm, Dance Nucleus, Singapore and HAUT and Kiezkapelle in Berlin. She is interested in the material relationship between the dance and the visual image it produces and experiments with this, often in close collaboration with other artists.

Wezile Harmans (ZA)

Wezile Harmans (b. 1990, Port Elizabeth) is a visual artist whose interdisciplinary practice includes performance, video, installation and mixed-media works as a tool for social change. His work confronts prejudice and advocates against social inequality, creating a platform for critical self-reflexivity in unwelcoming spaces.

Wezile's work has shown in several venues including the LSE Firoz Lalji Center for Africa (London), The Center for the Less Good Idea (Johannesburg), Hub Artivism and the University of York (CAHR) (UK). During the springtime he was an artist in residence at IASPIS - The Swedish Art Grants Committees studio program.

Salad Hilowle (SE)

Salad Hilowle is an artist and filmmaker based in Stockholm. He was born in Mogadishu in 1986 and moved to Gävle seven years later. His work revolves around identity, memory and place, making people of African origin visible in various Swedish contexts, now and in the past.

Using artistic means such as video, photography and installations, Hilowle questions the precarious border between acceptance and rejection. He is offering a poetic black gaze on cultural artifacts that construct, limit — an act of claiming and longing for a space that can become “at home”. Through his research-based and yet intuitive projects, Hilowle gives greater depth and expression to the Afro-Swedish diaspora and to life as an Afro-Swede today.

Hilowle has exhibited widely in Sweden and internationally. He has a MFA from The Royal Art Institute in Stockholm. Previously he has studied at Konstfack, Linköping University, and Glendale Community College in Los Angeles.

Naledi Majola (ZA)

Naledi is a South African artist-researcher and performer, currently based in Berlin, Germany. With interests in Black histories and gender, Naledi uses movement, vocal practice, and writing to approach questions around these topics with decisive uncertainty.

After graduating with a BA in Theatre and Performance in 2017, they worked as an actor, performance-maker, and sound designer in Cape Town, South Africa.

They have been living in Berlin since 2022 and graduated with their MA Solo/Dance/Authorship from HZT Berlin in February 2024. Naledi’s graduation solo performance, In flux, premiered at Uferstudios, Berlin in 2023.

Nazar Rakhmanov (RU/EU)

Nazar Rakhmanov (Votkinsk, 1991) Tatar-Russian choreographer and dance maker. Following his deep interest in philosophy and mysticism of Hinduism, Nazar obtained his bachelor's degree in 'Comparative Religious Studies' in 2014. In 2011 he started his movement practice as a dance therapy assistant for people with special needs.

After being introduced to butoh, nomadic physical theatre and contemporary dance, he came to the Netherlands in 2018 to deepen his independent practice. Currently considers himself a nomadic European.

“I have been born and raised in the Udmurt Republic where local
spiritual traditions were purged during the soviet era. By now the
ways of relating to unseen matters have almost vanished from the
collective memory. Acknowledging the lack of my own lived experience
of traditions of the past, I am searching for new forms that touch the
unseen matters through my artistic practice."

Jenny Sunesson (SE)

Jenny Sunesson (b. 1973) is a Swedish artist predominantly working with sound. She is an Assistant professor in Sonic Practice at Stockholm University of the Arts. Her practice ranges from field recording and live collages to conceptual sound art and video. Sunesson often uses her own life as a stage for dark, tragic, and sometimes comical work where real and invented characters and derogated stereotypes, collaborate in the alternate story of hierarchies and power structures in society.

In 2021 the artist embarked on a new participatory project, paying attention to the more-than-human. UNDER was a solar driven sound installation that included an overnight hike and exhibit in Florarna nature reserve, Sweden.

Other contributing groups

Little Artists (UA/SE)

Little Artists is a group of Ukrainian children and mothers who have been meeting regularly at the museum since Russia's full-scale invasion in the spring of 2022. Every Friday for two years, they have looked at the art and created together with the museum's curator of education Natasha Dahnberg. The art has offered a playful way to approach the new country, but also an emotional place to process memories and the uncertainty of the future.

Region Uppsala Folk High School Dance Project Year

The Dance Project Year is an extension education programme in dance that focuses on community-engaging dance projects. Participants: Milja Vilde, Emelia Muriel Koberg, Natalie Morén James, Ewemande ‘Smooth’ Ehiwe, Alimatou Njie.