Klara Lewis

16.00  –17.00  Uppsala konstmuseum/Uppsala Art Museum
Klara Lewis (SE)

The relationship to Uppsala Art Museum since early childhood and the staircase as an “in-between space” with a unique acoustics has inspired this sound installation, which was made specially for this setting. Klara Lewis works with field recordings amongst others and creates a mixture of organic and synthetic sounds. She is a critically acclaimed sound sculptress and has for the last two years been presenting her audio-visual shows in clubs and art galleries around the world. 

Premiere of the sound art work commissioned by Uppsala Art Museum. Shows during the museum’s opening hours. 

19.00  –20.00  Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Welcome by Lena Åberg Frisk, MD and Artistic Director Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Daniel Werkmäster Museum Director Uppsala konstmuseum, Tove Salmgren and Kajsa Wadhia, Köttinspektionen Dans. Opening speech: Sten Bernhardsson, Chief Executive Officer, Cultural Affairs Office, Uppsala Municipality.

19.00  –21.00 Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
Screening programme
Performance Videos

The screening programme features additional works from some of the festival’s artists. Stop by the entrance hall at the UKK to find a selection of video art and filmed documentation of performances, spanning from the strictly conceptual to unique visual imagery and emotive expressions —
a cross section of the festivals programme.

Runs daily during Uppsala Konsert & Kongress opening hours. 

Ryoji Ikeda, Datamatics [ver 2.0]

20.00  –21.00 Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
Ryoji Ikeda (JP)
Datamatics [ver 2.0]

The festival commences at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress with the Japanese installation artist Ryoji Ikeda. In Datamatics [ver 2.0], pure data constitutes the source of the elements he uses to create an audio-visual entirety of digital distortions, high frequency flimmers and razor-sharp noise assaults. Ikeda is a master at combining sound and visual image, which make his gigs more than just concerts — they are image and sound performances, art and excitement! 



Moa Franzén. Foto Sofia Eliasson

18.00  –19.00 Köttinspektionen

Moa Franzén (SE)
Speaking with your mouth full

The performance is an investigation, a set of questions and an exploration of the relationship between — and the ambiguity of — silence and speech, touching on questions of power, protest, ownership and loss. The work is played out within the mouth and as mouth, it is a dialogue and a monologue at once, where the agency of the positions between performer and audience is put at play. Who has voice and who is silenced? Whose silence exercises power over whose speech? 

Marie Gavois & Michel Klöfkorn

19.00  –20.00 Köttinspektionen
Marie Gavois (SE) & Michel Klöfkorn (DE)
I pray to the turtles

Drowned in the seaweed of mass consumerism and communication, the work is based on the theory that we are all living in a collage. By re-combining the visual image of public space, architecture, social context and the political or economic situation we are living in, we re-think the world-wide collage, its hierarchies and petrified conditions.  

Shaking our wastes, half passion, half tradition, half fashion.  

I want your IBAN melody baby.


17.00  –18.00 The Botanical Gardens
Tamar Ettun (US/IL) & The Moving Company with guests (US/SE)
A Mauve Bird with Yellow Teeth Red Feathers
Green Feet and a Rose Belly
Part: Yellow

The Moving Company: Rebecca Pristop, Laura Bernstein. Svenska dansare: Maria Sermpou, Catarina Zarazua, Jessica Rosin, Anna Hjärpe, Emelie Englund and Danielle de Vries.

A multidisciplinary performance, in which vast colours, inflatables, sound and dance combine to create an immersive psychological landscape commenting on Desire. It could be viewed as a ”handheld history”, a collection of personal accounts, about transformation within a culture. Ettun investigates the concepts of movement and stillness in relation to the ephemeral. She confronts our machine-like psychological defenses with accumulated gestures building empathy with the other. 

18.30  –20.00 Uppsala konstmuseum

Tamar Ettun (US/IL)
The Yellow Who Wants

Tamar Ettun’s artistic oeuvre spans a broad field that includes sculpture, performance and video. In the depiction of everyday rituals, the experience of colour and bodily presence, she indicates how different emotional states can reflect larger political courses of events. The exhibition and performance is one part of four — a tetralogy, in collaboration with the dance group, The Moving Company, where colours are associated to seasons and emotional states. In Uppsala, we enter a yellow phase. Here, the analysis of desire and lust for life is based on the Eros concept. 


15.00  –17.00 Uppsala Central Railway Station

Performance Pathway (UK)
Young artists study in this world-leading graduate school with Performance Practice as the core focus of their investigation. From body as site, to politics of identity. The content of their research is wide but focused on making visual images with performance. Working in the moment, in actions and works made live. This is a great chance to see a cross section of young artists from many countries and experiences who are the subject of the future.  

Royal College of Art, London, Performance Pathway, Fine art First Year (UK): Rhine Bernadino, Luca Bosani, Jade Blackstock, Whiskey Chow, Gerald Curtis, Helen Davison, Fritz Faust, Isobel Smith, Alice Jacobs, Victoria Kaldan, Joe Mackay, Katie McGurk, Guido Tarricone, Nadja Voorham, Evan Ifekoya 

18.00  –21.00 Uppsala konstmuseum
Martin Chramosta (CH)
The Palingenesis of the heroic Opera III: Erwachet!

Participants: Hannes Niklasson, Maria Pettersson, Frida Lingemark, Emîn Maskan, Richard Olofsson and Evindar Akdogan.

This reinterpretation of the tableau vivant and of opera as ”Gesamt­kunstwerk” is remixed into a meta-story loaded with gestures, music and antique DIY-dresses. The performers, disguised as utopist historical ”Archetypes”, will occupy large areas of the museum building (The Castle) in order to create a ”bigger picture performance”. Erwachet! is the final edition of the artist’s Performance Trilogy Die Wiedergeburt der heroischen Oper.


18.00  –21.00 Uppsala konstmuseum
Saskia Holmkvist (SE/NO)

Interpreter: Elisabeth Poignant

- The word ”transference” will mark the room with it´s different interpreters in a perfromative act of transference via a computer to a projection that wants to become body. The challenge lays in how the choice is made to register architecture, place and time along with affective traces and flickering perceptions of the non-fixity of actions.

Nigel Rolfe

20.00    –  20.30
Uppsala konstmuseum
Gustaf Broms (SE),
Nigel Rolfe (IRL)

Working Out. Working In. Working Together. Working To Gather. To risk, to assess, to change, to move forward, to step beyond, to share. In friendship and in thought. Within and reaching outside. No rehearsal, only practice. No plan, only understanding. Two together.


12.00  –14.30 Uppsala konstmuseum

How to Revolve?

Lecture and discussions about performance as artistic practice and strategy. The Primacy of Movement, Emily Roysdon (US/SE) artist, writer, curator and professor at the Department of Fine Art Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

Artist Talk and Panel Discussion with invited artists in the festival. Moderator: Camilla Larsson, curator and writer. In this session we would like to find out more about artistic practice within the field of performance art and in what ways the choreographed movement and live act can be coded from political, social and emotional perspectives. 

14.00  –15.00 Uppsala konstmuseum
Performance Pathway (UK)

See text above.

Royal College of Art, London, Performance Pathway, Fine Art Second Year (UK): Selina Bonelli, Paula Fitzsimons, Harriet Fleuriot, Eunjung Kim, Yuki Kobayashi, Hollie Miller, Sandra Stanionyte, Saskia Vranken.

15.20  –16.00 Uppsala konstmuseum

Liv Strand & Marcus Doverud (SE)
Tja chat, tjena chien; concerning mimetic displacement

The artist duo is confronted with the exhaustion of the possible. They use indifference as political resistance and fine-tune their laziness as an artistic tool, navigating between disorganized junk, schizophrenic intensities and sleepy stones. 

18.00-18.45 Köttinspektionen
Kajsa Wadhia & Maria Stiernborg (SE)
The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra

Stop stop stop colonizing us with arbitrary capitalist power tricks. Trick that capitalist. Overpower that arbitrariness. Trick that catapultist. Empower that arbitrary power of yours. Your power my power yes power no power. POWOW. POW POW.  

The artist duo is confronted with the exhaustion of the possible. They use indifference as political resistance and fine-tune their laziness as an artistic tool, navigating between disorganized junk, schizophrenic intensities and sleepy stones. 

19.00  –19.35 Köttinspektionen
Tove Salmgren (SE)
I pretend that you speak 

What kind of social space does a performance situation carry? In I pretend that you speak a set of questions about mutuality, dependency and power unfolds. Overlapping imagination and the matter-of-factly, the performance deals with relations between spectator/spectator and performer/spectator. When the performer takes the role of a moderator and the audience gets to embody an audience, a kind of dance occurs of collective listening, attention, stillness and actions. 

20.00  –  20.40 Köttinspektionen
Cecilia Germain (SE)  
How to carry white men no 3 / Brown woman carrying white men / Big Mamas Last Lullaby...... 

 How to carry white men no 3 /Brown woman carrying white men /Big Mamas Last Lullaby..... aims at illuminating the relationships between physical bodies sharing space in a global economy, a domain structured by colonial impact. The three titles suggests three parallel possibilities of interpretations in a performance that is partly private and personal but also political. It is an investigation that addresses the dynamics between gender and race and what role they play with regard to how we perceive different bodies. Cecilia Germain is also a member of the artist group (r)evolve, not to be mixed up with Revolve Performance Art Days. 

21.00 Köttinspektionen
May Woodhouse (Samonzora)  
The Ring  

Stage design: an illuminated stage, rows of chairs on the floor in front of the stage, an audience, a table, a telephone, a note book, a pen, a cardboard box, a potted plant, a pair of white archival gloves, a table cloth, an envelope.

Welcome. Let the show begin.