Revolve Performance Art Days

Welcome to the third edition of Revolve Performance Art Days in Uppsala.

Focusing on the present moment the festival presents contemporary performance art by internationally acclaimed artists active in the intersection of visual and performing arts.

Programme (PDF, 238 KB)

Jade Blackstock [UK], Gustaf Broms [SE], Samira Elagoz [FI/EG], Paula Fitzsimons [IR]. Rosie Gibbens [UK], Sonia Hedstrand [SE], Maria w Horn [SE], Katarzyna Kozyra [PL], Matt Mahony-Page [UK], Honorata Martin [PL], Hollie Miller [UK], Stina Nyberg [SE], Franciszek Orłowski [PL], Bob Ostertag & Fred Frith [US], Leon Platt [UK], Nigel Rolfe [IR]. Sandra Stanionyte [LT], WOL [SE], Performance Pathways, Royal College of Art [UK]. 

Revolve moves between different locations, from the countryside to the city: the orangery, the art museum, the park, the street, the concert house, the bus and the theatre stage. The different spaces become active elements of the art event and the meeting between the artist and the audience.

Revolve aims at bringing together a richness of expressions and artistic strategies allowing them to enhance, affect and collide with one another – an intense festival, rotating and revolving around art as event, experience and gathering.

Revolve Performance Art Days is organised by Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Köttinspektionen Dans and Gustaf Broms in collaboration with Royal College of Art, London.

Curators: Tove Salmgren & Kajsa Wadhia, Köttinspektionen Dans
Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson in collaboration with Patric Kiraly and Eva Björkman, Uppsala Art Museum
Gustaf Broms, konst_örbyhus_slott
Erik Gavelin, Uppsala City Theatre
Esbjörn Mårtensson, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Opening Evening and Inaguration
Thursday May 17th, 19.00–21.30
Orangeriet, Örbyhus slott, Free Entrance

Jade Blackstock [UK], Gustaf Broms [SE], Paula Fitzsimons [IR], Rosie Gibbens [UK], Matt Mahony-Page [UK], Hollie Miller [UK], Leon Platt [UK], Nigel Rolfe [IR], Sandra Stanionyte [LT], WOL / Lovisa Johansson and Wenche Tankred [SE].

With great joy we will activate the Orangery, this amazing space, through performance art. 2018 marks the fifth year of conversations between Vendel and Royal College of Art, London. We celebrate this by inviting some of the artists that have visited us during these years to reconnect. The evening marks the beginning of konst_örbyhus_slott, an initiative that aims to create an engaged platform for art in North Uppland.

Inauguration speech by Kajsa Ravin, Head of Culture, the Region county of Uppsala. Vegetarian soup will be served as a closing part.
Bus returning to Uppsala 21.30

17.45 Bus departures
Uppsala resecentrum, Stationsgatan 4 – Örbyhus
Reservations 018-727 24 82/
Free of charge
Sandwich and coffee will be served at the bus