Species of Spaces 1974

29 September - 20 November 2016

Kristina Bength, Mohamed Camara, Yorjander Capetillo Hernández, Cecilia Darle, Kristina Jansson, Christina Langert, Joanna Lombard, Cecilia Nygren, Malin Pettersson Öberg.
Mohamad Camara, C-print, 2001-2007

Mohamad Camara, C-print, 2001-2007

Opening Thursday 29 September 16.00–20.00
Inauguration and book lunch 18.00
Species of Spaces 1974 − An Accommodation of Retained and Forgotten Locations, Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing.

The galleries of the Art Museum have been reshaped as a temporal accommodation for spaces – imaginary and ordinary, fragmentary and illusory, dysfunctional och psychologically charged. Spaces called forth by memory.

As a point of departure the nine artists from Sweden, Mali and Cuba have used a common reading of the novel Species of Spaces by the French author Georges Perec (1936–1982). In his writing limitations and rules become a working method, hinting at an autobiographic latency.

Species of Spaces was published in 1974 and it reappears in the exhibition title. The year functions as a focal point related to in various ways by the artists and single art works. In the exhibition biographical narratives encounter fiction and the past is mirrored in the present. The concept of space is questioned and explored.

Along with the exhibition the publication Species of Spaces 1974 — An Accommodation of Retained and Forgotten Locations has been developed, comprising essays by the nine participating artists.

Supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden. 

28 september 2016