VORACIOUS by SU-EN and Rickard Sporrong

Reflections through text on the videowork Voracious by Irma Optimist and Sinéad O´Donnell

The two artists where asked by SU-EN to reflect upon the videowork and theme and write a short text so adding yet another dimension to the work.. They arrived at Uppsala Art Museum on Friday Nov 20 at 14:30. At 15:00 they started to see the video which is 24 minutes long, and immediately they wrote the texts. At 16:00 they finished.

The texts are published on Uppsala Art Museums facebook and website and will be included in the report of the project. The visit of Sinead and Irma for this and also to participate in The Last Supper performance event on Nov 21, was financed by Swedish Arts Grants Committe.

Poem for SU-EN

She is voracious greedy for food
She invites us into her body but all we see is darkness
There is a pain when I look closer deep into her mouth
Inside there is something else
Sound overloads
I don’t know if it is drawing me in or pulling me out
It whimpers hunger
A lascivious black pig spirits her body
Woman and animal intertwine

Too late for leftovers
Buried deep in this famine of rottenness a hand appears
It struggles and disappears

Are there more bodies?

Sleeping with hunger she appears
Night chants a lullaby

Sinéad O’Donnell 20/11/15


What are the things that came to my mind first, when I looked at SU-EN´s video?

Somehow the woman was suffering and she was very thirsty. Like the earth. It is difficult to breathe, it is difficult to enjoy. Half of everything is rotten. You are hungry but you cannot eat. You feel bad. Everything is coming to a hopeless end. You try to come out of this to a more happy life. You put your hand, your foot, your head towards light, towards sun and hope. It is difficult and you have much to do to reach there, to get fresh life back. 

You feel that you have to much to eat. At the same time so many people around the world are without food. You are thirsty because the fresh water is finished. You feel that many are like pigs. They eat and eat without thinking of what they are doing. You see people around you becoming bigger and bigger. You see two opposite life. There is you life, where you are with your thin body and thoughts. Then there are fat people´s life and the pig is there beside you, that we can understand. The pig seems to be quite happy in his own world. 

You sing and pray that you would get a happy life as the pig. A human being must live a long life in the middle of rotten apples years after years. She must see many happy and unhappy things. She cannot be as stupid or as satisfied as a pig. The pig is treated well and you want to say that we should treat all animals in the same way. We should eat together, not eat them. 

Irma Optimist