Practical information

Revolve elsewere is arranged May 12-13 at the Uppsala Art Museum and in the surroundings of Wik's castle.

Food & Drinks

At the Uppsala Art Museum there is a Museum Bar & Café. There you can buy food, drinks and snacks throughout the festival evening.

At Wik’s castle, the food truck Tapicante will be available, where you can buy both food and snacks.

Where: by the gymnastic hall

When: 12.00-17.30

What: Tapicante serves Mexican tacos and quesadillas, as well as coffee and churros. There are both vegetarian and vegan options. Menu to be announced.

Tapicante is a popular taqueria based in Uppsala and Enköping. For more information, visit their website.

Festival bus

You can go to and from Wik with the festival bus. The bus journey is included in the price of the festival.

Time and place

Uppsala Central Station (stop E3 ​​on station street) - Wik, 12.15- 12.45
Wik - Uppsala Central Station, 17.10- 17.40

You book the bus journey in connection with booking festival day 2. .

Book tickets

You can book one or two festival days.

The booking page


Do you have questions about the festival?
Contact the museum's reception. Phone: 018-727 24 82

The reception is staffed during the museum's opening hours: Tuesday - Wednesday: 11.00-17.00, Thursday: 11.00-20.00, Friday - Sunday 11.00-17.00.

Find the museum

The Uppsala Art Museum is centrally located at Uppsala Castle. Walk, cycle, take the bus or car. Here you can read more.

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Find Wik Castle

Wik Castle is close to Lake Malar, around 20 kilometers south west of Uppsala. You can travel here by bus or car.

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