Performance 13 may

In the beautiful environment around Wik Castle, the encounter with performance art becomes something special. Let yourself be consumed by both art and nature. Here, questions about the relations between the human body and its surroundings and other organisms, are explored. Read about the artists and their performances in the Castle park at Wik 13 May.


Eglė Budvytytė - Songs from the Compost: Mutating Bodies, Imploding Stars 

The artist Eglė Budvytytė and the dance students at Wik deliver a dance performance where the human body becomes an extension of the surrounding environment.

  • time: 13.00-13.40 
  • location: in the park 
  • language: English
  • audience: 100

About the art work

Performers: Csilla Domonkos, Erika Martikainen, Ida Mandrén, Klara Nikolaj Svejgaard, Line Jonsdotter, Linéa Alfredsson, Wilma Richards Jonasson.

In collaboration with the dance students at Wik, Eglė Budvytytė will explore the ideas and methodologies from the video artwork Songs from the Compost: Mutating Bodies, Imploding Stars, currently on display at Uppsala Art Museum. The performance is an exploration of different dimensions of symbiotic life: interdependence, surrender and decay. Horizontality in the choreography undoes the usual verticality of the human figure, unfurling her into the landscape. The performers’ bodies are sites of activity, though they’re often horizontal, pulled toward the earth and one another. 

In the workshop, the student group has departed from questions on how the body and movement can function as the seamless extension of the landscape and resonate with a particular spot, its mood, materiality, and spatial qualities. Can choreography function as a technology for questioning and deconstructing human hubris and exceptionalism? Slowness, gravity, surrender and attention, as well as a close reading of the landscape are used to address these questions, meanwhile exploring different textures and surfaces such as grass, moss, dead trees, rocks and investigating the relationships and possible forms of intimacy between the body and the land.  


Norberto Llopis Segarra - The Double Session 

A reasoning dance performance that enables its own space by beginning with “toworrow” and end with “yesterday”.

  • time: 14.00-15.00  
  • location: The gymnastic hall 
  • language: English 
  • audience: 100 

About the art work

Consider yourself welcome to “The Double Session” 
“The Double Session” is a double piece 
A piece that “takes place” in between two different sessions
That in turn, will “take place” two different consecutive days
To be precise, 12 May at Uppsala konstmuseum
And 13 May Region Uppsala folkhögskola
The first session is called “Tomorrow”
The second session is called “Yesterday”
To attend both sessions comes off “decisively” prohibited 
That is to say; If you have decided to attend “Tomorrow”, you won’t be allowed to attend yesterday
If you are thinking of attending “Yesterday”, you could not have attended tomorrow


Kristin Nango - Being With: Deeper Softs 

A narrated choreography where the act of listening to the environment is the prime focus.

  • time: 14.00-14.40 and 16.00-16.40  
  • location: in the park 
  • language: english  
  • audience: 15/walk 
  • booking

About the art work

What originates atmosphere of a place? How does it make itself known already playing in your being’s tone breath bone? Being with the soft beyond time. Listening to listening. A beings being Being… Tuning in to changing sensations. Becoming into a here where we are.  

Being With: Deeper Softs is a journey of listening. It is an invitation into a nearness of here. Where we are as what we are. Now. As deepening fields surround our listening now - what appears? The shifting of awareness – layers of place, of land – in a sound, a voice blending with the wind, blending with a branch and the skin's sense of temperature… lost and found over and over until that becomes a pattern to be shaped by. What is choreographing us in this wide field, this continuously shaping of connections and listening horizons?  

Idea, choreographer and performer: Kristin Nango. Creative partner and performer: Alice MacKenzie . 


Gustaf Broms - untitled (worlds of becomings) 

With his home in Vendel in Tierp, Gustaf Broms has, during many years, explored cyclical processes and the body as an integrated part of the landscape. untitled (words of becomings) is a new site-specific piece that will last for 108 minutes.

  • time: 15.12-17.00 
  • location: in the park 
  • audience: 100 

About the art work

to find oneself in this ecosystem,
this process of becoming "I" refer to as "my body",  
a structure made up of more non-human than human cells,  
- Who speaks to Who from Where ? 
as borders of skin become a crude simplification of how to  define a Being,
a convenience of language,
or a question of who eats who?
In this porous existence, environment becomes self,
self becomes environment. consciousness permeates all of existence,
speaking of outside or inside the vehicle seems obsolete.

There is no there there! 


Hike with a nature guide

  • time: 14.00-14.45
  • location: start by the the gymnastic hall 
  • language: swedish
  • audience: 30

Pär Eriksson, expert in forest and endangered species at Upplandsstiftelsen, tell us more about the unique significance of this place biodiversity. In these old hagmark's oaks live mushrooms, lichens, mosses and insects, but also bats and birds that exploits cavities and the rough bark.


Region Uppsala folkhögskola - Dansprojektåret Open Space 

  • time: 15.00-16.10
  • location: start by the the gymnastic hall 
  • audience: 100

The dance project year is a course for dance artists focussing on community based dance projects. For the festival the students have curated a presentation of their different artistic processes in a variety of locations around the park area.

Participants: Csilla Domonkos, Erika Martikainen, Ida Mandrén, Klara Nikolaj Svejgaard, Line Jonsdotter, Linéa Alfredsson, Wilma Richards Jonasson.

Read about performances 12 may.