Become a volunteer

We are looking for volunteers for this year’s edition of the festival Revolve Performance Art Days, called Revolve elsewheres. The festival will be held during two days in May, Friday 12th, 17.00-23.00 at Uppsala Art Museum and Saturday 13th, 13.00-17.00 in the environment around Wik Castle.

As volunteer at Revolve you will get the opportunity to learn how the Art Museum and the artists work. You will get a chance to engage with the performance art scene and meet artists, other people interested in art and of course the organizers of the festival. You will also get a chance to see some of the acts for free.

Volunteer Job Description

As volunteer, we wish that you first and foremost:
• Help the artists – by preparing props, arrange the rooms and the scenography before and after the performance act, clean or help in other ways.
• Help the audience – by acting as a host and answering questions, help them find their way around at the festival, inform about other acts that will be held.
After your participation you will be offered a short work certificate. Before the festival starts, a meeting will be held for all volunteers, preliminary date and time: Monday 8th May, 17.00-18.00. You will also be invited to a dinner with the artists Thursday 11th May.


Apply by sending an email to Thi Breding (host and assistant at the Uppsala Art Museum), Write your name and a short presentation about yourself. What do you study and why are you interested in working as a volunteer at Revolve?

You choose if you want to work only one or both of the days. Include your wishes in the E-mail together with other specifications surrounding work hours, if you have any.

We wish that all volunteers wear black as far as possible. Comfortable shoes are recommended and dress according to the weather.


For questions of a general nature, contact Thi Breding

For more specific questions regarding the festival, contact the curator, Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson,