About the artists

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My Lindh (SE)

My Lindh is an artist based in Stockholm whose practice spans a wide range of media such as text, video, audio, performance and installations. Her works – that often involve the viewer – explore perceptions of time as well as how ideas about nature can be reconstructed and reformulated. My Lindh’s work has been presented at art museums and short film festivals in Sweden as well as internationally, at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Finnish institute in Paris and Kunstverein München. 

Paz Rojo (ES)

Paz Rojo is a choreographer, dancer and researcher. Her work unfolds at the interface of artistic practices, choreography and philosophy. She has published the book To dance in Age of No-Future and her doctoral dissertation The decline of choreography and its movement: a body’s (path)way. Her latest curatorial work is ECLIPSE : MUNDO. Currently she is initiating a long term research project entitled To Die Well. With this project she tries to conceive and rehearse an art that concerns life and also that which concerns the life that comes after this current segment of time.  

Norberto Llopis (ES)

With an academic background in dance and philosophy, Norberto Llopis develops an artistic and thinking practice around the body, movement, and performativity. A practice that crystallizes in various forms, such as stage performances, essays on artistic practice, performative conferences, installations, and durational actions. His current research focuses on the practice with and around the notion of "operation" in the performing arts. 

Sepideh Khodarahmi (SE)

Sepideh Khodarahmi is an actor, dancer, choreographer and circus artist, educated at  the Academy of Drama at Gothenburg University and Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She has worked at Unga Klara, Stockholms stadsteater and Uppsala stadsteater and is currently working at Riksteatern, Dramaten, Konträr and Kiasma, Helsinki. Her work centres the body as an arena for explorations, sensuality and desire as method, the erotic and the expansion of its meaning, the idea of dirty, to move between “high and low” art and cake sitting.  

Jafar The Superstar (SE)

Jafar The Superstar (all pronouns) is an interdisciplinary drag artist working with mixed reality performance, subversive comedy, and interactive stage production through multimedia such as text, video, games, music, somatics, and theatre. The multifaceted drag persona is a terroristic shapeshifter who satirizes capitalist ideals of self-fulfillment, celebrity worship, and economic subjugation. 

Cecilia Germain (SE)

Cecilia Germain, born and raised in Uppsala, is active as an artist in all of Sweden. She received her MFA at Konstfack in 2006. Since 2005, her work often put a focus on contemporary and past colonial structures, the transatlantic slave trade, mourning processes, public health and paths to healing. Through olafactory works, botanics, photography, installations, graphics, audio and performance, Germain explores the African diaspora to which she belongs. 

Eglė Budvytytė (NL/LT)

Eglė Budvytytė is an artist based in Vilnius and Amsterdam working at the intersection between song, poetry, video and performance. In her work, movements and gestures become technologies for a possible subversion of normativity, gender and social roles. She explores the persuasive power of collectivity, vulnerability and permeable relationships between bodies, audiences and the environments. Eglė Budvytytė’s work has been shown extensively at biennales and festivals all over the world, in places such as Chicago, Riga, Sydney, Amsterdam, Lofoten, Dubai and Venice. 

In collaboration with the dance project education at Region Uppsala folkhögskola, Wik. 

Kristin Nango (NO)

Kristin Nango is a Norwegian/Sami performance maker, choreographer, poetic mover and dance therapist based in Nesodden, Norway.  She is currently questioning human listening and imprint on land, plants and animal life – with a special concern of time and temporalities. She creates within the artistic media of sound, listening-walks, poetry and choreography. Being With is her artistic practice developed in collaboration with land, deeply inspired by indigenous perspectives. 

Alice MacKenzie (UK/SE)

Alice MacKenzie is a dance artist based in Stockholm. Her work currently tangles speculative fiction, voice and movement scores alongside medicinal plants and cultures of bacteria. She shares these as performances of intimate intraaction and leaky zines. Alice has worked in performance and research projects with artists including Kristin Nango, Siriol Joyner, Ina Dokmo, Eleanor Bauer, Dora Garcia, Cally Spooner, Tino Sehgal, Yvonne Rainer and Oreet Ashery. Alice also works alongside other artists and organisations making collaborative books, films, performances and installations in a range of settings.

Gustaf Broms (SE)

Gustaf Broms is a Swedish artist living and working in the Vendel forest, Uppland. He works in the borderlands between performance, video and installation, and is engaged with concepts of being and the nature of consciousness, in the gap where the biological processes of the body are contrasted against the intellect’s ability to interpret experience. Through his practices, he investigates a language that transcends these cracks between the dualism body and mind, as well as between the self and the environment.

It is the third time that Gustaf Broms performs at Revolve Performance Art Days. His work has been shown internationally, for instance in the USA, France, Great Britain, Iran, India, Canada and South Korea. http://orgchaosmik.org/