Culture Night

Saturday 14 September, 12 noon - 11pm

1pm - 4pm Family Saturday: Mask-making and fancy dress parade

With a vast array of dots, lines and vivid colours we create masks that are vibrant, expressive and unrestrained, deriving inspiration from artist Anselme Boix-Vives. Working together, we produce figures reminiscent of trolls and other characters – or quite simply ourselves in fancy dress. Open to everyone, regardless of age.

1pm - 1.30pm Family exhibition
1.30pm - 3.30pm Drop-in workshop
3.30pm - 4pm Fancy dress parade and exhibition inside the museum and in the courtyard.

2pm - 4pm Live pod in Swedish

Magical light that traverses art, interior design and physics. Listen to the live pod "Tonträff för konst". The moderator is Lars Carlén

5pm - 6pm Concert: Uppsala Vocal Ensemble

Uppsala Vocal Ensemble, under the musical and artistic leadership of Sofia Ågren, will sing music by various composers, including Pärt, Sisask and Augustinas.

6pm - 6.30pm, 6.30pm - 7pm Curator tours.

In Swedish

7pm - 9pm Dance installation: Clusters II, Anna Pehrsson

Clusters II is a duet by dancers Agnieszka Dlugoszewska and Anna Pehrsson, who arrange their bodies around objects, or create circles around flows, energies and vibrations, where dance fills the void between problem and solution. Gliding slowly through, between and outside of themselves and each other, their bodies are partly in symbiosis and partly out of reach. The work strikes the observer as an ongoing meditation on proximity and intimacy, an invitation to engage in alternative forms of coexistence. Anna Pehrsson will return on 26 October to present the third part of the work, entitled Thresholds.

In association with the Uppsala Region Department of Cultural Affairs

8pm - 9pm Performance: Hasse Bruniusson

Tribute to Bauhaus – a performance focusing on the instrument sculpture Itten-Bauhaus-Ritus to commemorate the Bauhaus Centenary.

Mask and costume: Inga Lindén, with inspiration derived from Oskar Schlemmer's ballet costumery.

Percussionist Hasse Bruniusson has been a member of bands such as SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA, ENSEMBLE NIMBUS and THE FLOWER KINGS. During Culture Night he will pay homage to the Bauhaus School, which will be celebrating its centenary with a concert featuring his own sound sculpture, Itten-Bauhaus-Ritus, made from the geometric pads of an electronic drum kit. An audiovisual experience that shapes Bauhaus master Johannes Ittern's ideas relating to the study of colour and geometry, but also leans towards mysticism and the occult. Hasse Bruniusson improvises on this unique instrument, inspired by John Cage's works The Room, Toy Piano and 34'46.776.

9pm - 9.12pm Courtyard: Ljusklang Florence Hermansson, artist

In association with the choir Allmänna Sången

Imagine the gentle movement of a swing back and forth. Soothing shades of sound and light. Voices embedded in September darkness. Artist Florence Hermansson has created an audiovisual interpretation of a castle setting and town life in Uppsala hundreds of years ago. During the 18th century, the Gunilla Bell was a curfew bell, rung twice daily to mark the transition between day and night; between work and rest. The pace and pattern of town life; home fires lit and extinguished; the vigilant eye of the night-watchman on his rounds. On this particular evening, the ringing of the bell will be met by the sound of the Allmänna Sången choir, with a pendulating glow and warm tones sweeping across the courtyard. A tranquil, collective experience of sound, light and darkness.