"Smällen" among others

Works from the Museum's Collections

September 1 - until further notice

(C) Hanns Karlewski, Smällen (The Crash), 1980, sculpture. Photo Pär Fredin.

“Smällen” (The Crash)

The exhibition title is borrowed from Hanns Karlewski's sculpture “Smällen” (The Crash), from 1980. It is one of many works in the Uppsala Art Museum collections, which consist mainly of art from the late 1800s to the present day. 

Forty works in three rooms

This exhibition presents a selection of approximately forty of these works in three consecutive rooms. Recurring themes are identity and social belonging: landscape, darkness and structures, direction and perspective. Each artwork possesses its own artistic value, its own expression and its own history. Yet, in the encounters that arise in the exhibition, a silent interplay is brought to bear, as well as a sense of dynamics, thus offering the viewer an opportunity for comparisons and in-depth art experiences.