Something that moves

With a background as a stage designer and performance artist, and with a fervent interest in collective processes, Rebecka Holmström has now chosen to work purely with graphite and her own drawings. Something that moves is an unhurried process of reckoning with the relationship between artist and image. A reckoning that transpires within the drawing, not only through movement, representation and material, but also through the encounter between a body and a rock.

Carbon makes up 18 per cent of the human body and is a basic prerequisite for all known life. Humans also extract carbon from the ground, where it emerges in the form of diamonds, coal, and graphite. Graphite is then used as a lubricant – to facilitate movement. It is used to produce batteries for electric cars – also to facilitate movement. Graphite is mixed with clay to make pencil lead. As the pencil is drawn across trees processed beyond recognition, layer upon layer is scraped away – yet another way in which human beings leave behind traces of their movements, creating an image for us to contemplate. Residue from our movements, from life, and from graphite deriving from rock on paper, all darkened, almost shrouded by the image.

Rebecka trained at Malmö School of Art and the Scandinavian School of Stage Design.