Staffan Westerberg


The exhibition Pictures presents some paintings by the Swedish artist, playwrighter and actor Staffan Westerberg. The popular artist has a significant position in Swedish performing art's history.

Westerberg often uses available materials such as driftwood and other abandoned wooden planks. The imagery is direct and own with symbolism and expressiveness in the expression. The stories are personal and linked to both his private and professional life. A term that Westerberg himself uses about his pictures is "stationary theater". An ordinary image element in his paintings is a poetic text often dedicated to a specific person which gives the painting a personal touch.

Staffan Westerberg was born in Luleå in 1934 but lives nowadays in Stockholm and Uppsala. He has worked as a director, screenwriter and actor at, among others, the Dramaten, Norrbottensteatern and Uppsala city theater. Westerberg is very famous and appreciated for his children's theater on TV during the 1970s.