Uppsala Castle


Målning av Drottning Kristina till häst

Guided tours with focus on art, architecture and history. Construction of the castel was begun by King Gustav Vasa in the 1540s. Dramatic events in Swedish history have taken place in the castle - the coronation of King Erik XIV in 1561, the murder of member of the sture family and Queen Kristina abdicated in 1654 in the Hall of State.

Guided tours
Autumn, winter and spring: once a month in Swedish.

Audio guides
are available in English, German, French and Finnish.

90 SEK
Children and outh 6-19 year 20 SEK

Groups are welcome to book private guided tours until March 31 2017.

For information and booking
Phone +46 (0)18-727 24 82, 727 24 85
E-mail: konstmuseum@uppsala.se

Free admission to Uppsala Art Museum

17 juni 2015